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It's 1:03 AM and I'm not asleep.

I have two exams tomorrow.

Well, fuck that shit DX.

Oh, I'm just so full of angst.  My friends are being shits again.  Not that that's unusual.  I kindof deserve it.  I mean, I could have just said 'yes' last year.

When I started school here, I started with the potential to go prettymuch anywhere socially.  But, instead, I hung out with the first people who talked to me, and when some more popular kids asked if I would go sit with them, I said 'no.'

Maybe it makes me a bitch, but I really regret that.
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The idea made me laugh. I really wonder what would happen...

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I'm Ren.

Yeah, real name.

I don't really think you need to know much about me.

I mean, yeah, it's a journal, but you're not getting any of the juicy details.

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